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Best Hair Care Tips During Monsoon

Monsoon has arrived, and you might be waiting for this season from a very long time, but some people couldn’t take the joy of playing under the rain due to increased chances of hair fall in this season.

Monsoon is here, and so is the frizziness. The most problem causing season for your hair is monsoon where the city pollution and the rainwater are ready to create trouble for your hair. Have you ever noticed during the monsoon season, the chances of hair frizziness and hair fall increases? That’s because people deal with dry scalp mostly during monsoon, which leads to weaker roots turns out as hair fall.

Don’t worry. We have some preventive measures for you, which can help you avoid the hair fall or hair weaken during the season. All you need to do is spending a little extra time and care for your hair routine. Follow these tips and see the change for yourself.

1. Keep your hair dry.

It is very important to keep the hair dry as far as possible because it can weaken the hair follicle. In the normal days, women tend to lose around 40 – 50 per day. During monsoon, women lose around 100 to 150 hairs per day if they left wet. Try keeping the wetness and moisture out of your hairs to keep them strong.

2. Add more protein in your diet.

Eggs, carrot and whole grains are some of the rich sources of proteins. Protein acts as an essential nutrient that provides strength to the hairs. Therefore, the intake of protein can help your body in many ways.

3. Less shampoo, more conditioning.

Use a mild shampoo for cleansing scalp from the rainwater. Conditioner provides smoothness to the hairs. It prevents damage and breakage. It helps in moisture retention. Compared to shampoo, conditioners are better for the hairs in monsoon season. Don’t use too much conditioning; twice a week is fine.

4. Gentle hair massage.

Nothing is as good as a massage after a long rainy day. It revitalizes your scalp and provides more deep conditioning to the hair follicles. When you have dry scalp, Oil is always a good idea which provides better hydration for your scalp. Massaging the hair scalp with coconut oil can help your hairs a lot.

5. Avoid tying of hair.

With tying up your hair in the monsoon, it can hibernate your hairs which can be frizzier and limper than normal days. In the monsoon days, keep the hairs open, or a loose ponytail would be preferable.

6. Get the right comb.

A wide-tooth comb can be helpful in the monsoon season. It helps in removing the tangling of your hair and also provides better conditioning to your hair.

7. Avoid caffeine intake.

Excessive caffeine can dehydrate your body, which could be another reason for your hair loss. Switching to herbal or green tea can be beneficial to your body and your hair.

8. Start physical exercise.

Exercising increases your blood flow in your body, which benefits the hairs to grow in their proper phases. Add the consumption of water for better results.

So, these are the best hair care tips for you and your hair. We would love to know more if you are having any trouble with hair loss.

To know more about hair care treatment options, make sure first to visit a Certified Trichologist and get yourself a free consultation!

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