Before recommending the best restoration procedure, our experts at Dr. Bagadia Hair Clinic and Transplant Centre will work with you to diagnose the cause of your hair loss. Then, you can trust us to find the best hair loss solutions to help you enjoy a full head of hair once again! Are you ready to get your hair and confidence back?
Close-up of a Doctor's hands wearing gloves, combing through a section of a client’s dark hair with a pink and black comb. Doctor is providing treatment for hair problems.

What Is Capilloscopy ?

Capilloscopy is a check-up of hair and scalp, which is done physically with the help of a Capilloscope. It is a digital microscope that helps view the physical condition of the scalp and hair, which provides a better view and understanding of the quality of hair and scalp. Magnifying the image provides the doctor a clearer view of one’s hair density, diameter, and hair shaft in the follicle, thus making treatment efficient and effective. Trichologists can keep and access these captured digital images for later use.

What Is Hair Analysis ?

Hair analysis is intended to determine the root cause of all hair and scalp problems. Once we gather the required information, we will use it to determine the best course of treatment for your condition. Common causes could be nutritional deficiencies, side effects of certain medications, anemia, systemic illnesses, or psychological stresses.
A magnified view of hair strand showing the weak hair strand due to hair problems.

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