closeup woman hand holding and showing hair fall after a comb.

Losing hair is a common phenomenon we all go through. But it becomes a major issue when it doesn’t grow back at the same speed that we are losing them. Also, hair thinning and hair loss can affect one’s confidence and severely affect the lifestyle. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you may be wondering what’s […]

Steps you must follow Before and after Hair Transplant | Instructions

“A step-by-step illustration of the hair transplantation process including the design phase, local anesthesia application, harvesting from the donor area, transplanting, and showing the final result.

  What you can expect before and after a hair transplant.   Extensive hair loss leading to bald patches on the scalp takes a heavy toll on one’s self-esteem. While some people choose to live with it and do nothing about it; others, who are concerned with their looks, go out on a hunt looking […]

5 Most Common Hair Problems and Ways to Treat Them

A person is looking into the mirror with a concerning look in his face about the hair loss signs with receding hairline.

One of the most common and unwelcomed problems across every age group is- Hair Problem. No matter how much we avoid thinking about it, the problem related to hair seems to have no end. Hair fall, hair loss, premature greying of hair, dandruff, split ends, dry hair etc. are some of the most common hair […]