closeup woman hand holding and showing hair fall after a comb.

Losing hair is a common phenomenon we all go through. But it becomes a major issue when it doesn’t grow back at the same speed that we are losing them. Also, hair thinning and hair loss can affect one’s confidence and severely affect the lifestyle. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you may be wondering what’s […]

Signs & Symptoms of Hair Thinning in Men and Women

The image shows a person with hair fall problem, revealing a bald spot. Their remaining dark, short hair contrasts against a plain, light-colored background. Person is suffering from Hair thinning Problem.

Having hair loss or approaching baldness- is not less than a nightmare. Taking into account the kind of lifestyle we are living into, the problem of hair fall seems to be rampant. As hair fall happen to both men and women; the signs and symptoms though, vary to a lot of extents. 1. The Receding […]