Busting 5 Hair Loss Myths

The human head carries 100000 strands of hairs over the head where around 50 to 100 hairs fall out in a day. Healthy hair is made up of an active protein called Keratin which generally lasts up to 3 to 6 years before falling out and being replaced.

The Internet is a great source to get any information, but not all the information on the internet is usually true. Some facts can be misleading and might build a false opinion about something. Hair loss and its remedy are some of the highly searched keywords on the internet. There are many myths on the internet about hair loss which misleads people with false information and creates a negative impact on their minds. Hair loss is a common hair condition, but many myths are related to it. Therefore, we are here to bust some of the usual myths about hair loss.

Myth #1: Every person goes bald by the age of 50.

Fact: Baldness knows no age. Once the hair fall starts, it can only be stopped or controlled with an effective treatment. The hair fall condition is different for everybody because it depends upon person to person. According to Dr. Bagadia, 55% of Indian men go through hair loss by the age of 35 and above.

Myth #2: Shampoo weakens your hair.

Fact: Over shampooing with harsh or strong shampoo can lead to your hair becoming thin and dry. But regular shampooing with a mild shampoo is good for hair. It is okay if a few hairs fall while shampooing as our hair does shed naturally. Shampoos with Sulphate can cause damage leading to thinning and brittleness of hair. It is better to use sulfate-free shampoos which are natural and effective for your hair.

Myth #3: Hair treatment can cause eye and brain problems.

Fact: That is so not true. Correctly and effectively performed hair transplant does not cause any harm to the brain and eyes or anywhere on your body. The hair transplant process involves simply transferring the hairs from the back of the head to the balding side. Minor swelling and redness appear commonly during the process, but it only lasts for a day or two and does not indicate any internal problem. FUE hair transplant technique is a painless and more effective type of hair transplant; therefore, it is better to get treated from a certified trichologist, who is properly trained for it.

Myth #4: Wearing a hat can make you bald.

Fact: Hair loss involves genetics and hormonal changes. Wearing a hat or cap can simply protect your hair from sunburn and even help in avoiding the damages to the hair follicles while wearing a helmet. Make sure you use a clean and washed hat or cap to wear. Try not to use synthetic material cap and wear it loose.

Myth #5: There is no cure for hair loss.

Fact: Hair loss might be a life-long condition. There are many hair treatments available to treat hair loss. They help in reversing the hair loss and initiate natural hair growth. Diet also plays an essential role in the growth of hair; therefore, it is advisable to maintain a good diet to keep healthy hair.

These are the few myths with their real facts that can help you decide which ones are true.

We’ll be back with more myths related to hair, so stay tuned and let us know your views in the comments.