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Welcome to Dr. Bagadia’s Hair Clinic & Transplant Center

Being Central India’s first certified and one of the top Trichologist in India, Dr. Bagadia has pioneered various concepts in this segment and stands out to be the Nagpur’s best Trichology Expert.

Dr. Bagadia’s prowess and in-depth knowledge in the field of Trichology gave birth to Dr. Bagadia’s Hair Clinic & Transplant Centre in Nagpur. His persistent practice and study made him the trusted hair care expert of Central India. Having an experience of more than 20 years, Dr. Bagadia offers the best hair and scalp treatment in the city.

By providing a complete range of hair and scalp care solutions, Dr. Bagadia has been known for offering the best effective treatment for unwelcoming yet common issue of hair loss.


What We Do?

The journey of Dr. Bagadia’s Hair Clinic & Transplant Center started with visionary Dr. Amol Bagadia, One of the top certified Trichologist in India. In 2001, he ventured into the profession of hair and scalp care treatments and pioneered the science of Trichology in Central India.

At a time when India was witnessing a revolution in health care, Dr. Bagadia chose to go with trichology and opened Dr. Bagadia’s Hair Clinic & Transplant Centre, in Nagpur. First of its kind in central India.

Starting with a humble beginning of clinic-based consulting, the focus on research, expertise and results led Dr. Bagadia to expand into the first trichology centre of central India with successful treatments for over 10,000 hair lines.

With the level of expertise Dr. Bagadia has, it has been the preferred hair care destination of celebrities like actors, cricketers, models, stylists, designers and, common people alike.

Our Values

Dr. Bagadia’s as a company, business, employer and organization, propagates simple and fundamental human values across the hierarchy that successfully translate into experiences of our customers, growth of our partners and careers of our employees.

  • Our Mission – To give a person back his confidence
  • Our Vision – To make the world a better place to live
  • Our Values – to add value in treatments, products and services

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