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Premature Graying Hair Treatment in Nagpur

What is Premature Greying ?

Greying of hair at an early age is known as premature greying of hair. While grey hair is a part of the natural ageing process, excess of grey hair in people over the age of 30 is a cause of concern too.


Greying of hair seen in younger age. Hair start showing discoloration and grey star appearing which may start spreading fast.


Heredity- It is seen in some families that greying starts in very early age.
Lack of nutrition- Diet deficient of essential minerals like Iron, copper & zinc may trigger greying early in life. Some vitamin deficiencies may also contribute.
Major illnesses can also trigger greying proving stressful to body.
Mental stress can also aggravate greying.

Premature Graying Hair Treatment in Nagpur


  • Dealing with complain of PMG, needs a clear understanding between doctor and patient, so on examination a rough evaluation is done about what is the percentage of greying in different anatomical areas of the scalp. Whether body hair are involved or not?
  • Depending upon genetic susceptibility, age of the patient, nutritional status of the patient a clear objective is set.
  • A specific amino acid needed in hair pigment synthesis is given as internal supplement for 1 year along with Vit. B complex. If needed iron supplements are also prescribed.
  • Regular examination confirms the successful arrest. In young adolescents at times even colour changes are seen. The benefit of the treatment is observed even after the treatment. Deterrent factors are explained to the patient so that caution can be maintained to prevent relapse.


PHG, commonly known as Premature Hair Greying is a condition where one’s hair turns grey at an early age. Although greying of hair is a natural process, having your hair turn grey below the age of 30 is what is concerning.

Even if this problem seems to be rampant, early stage of premature greying of hair is reversible; which means you have chances of getting back the natural color of your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any query about hair transplantation, may this FAQ help you to solve your query.

Q. How does Hair grow?

Hair grows at the rate of 1 inches every 2 month. But it may vary from person to person.

Q. How much does a transplantation cost?

In India, Hair transplantation cost from 30-35 Thousand to 1.5 Lac for one session depending upon the technique used, the experience and perfection of the surgeon.

Q. Who needs a Hair Transplant?

Any male or female who has lost his or her hair, due to male or female pattern of baldness or any other irreversible baldness need a hair transplant.

Q. How soon will they see the result?

After the transplant, hairs start growing in 2-3 months at the rate of 25% every 3 months. One should expect full results in 9-12 Months.

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