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Dandruff Treatment in Nagpur

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a scalp problem caused by the flaking of skin tissues of the scalp, resulting in white flakes appearing all over the scalp and on the hair shafts. Dandruff is the most common problem that affects everyone at some point in their lives, since flaking is a natural process of peeling of dead skin cells that are peeled off by the scalp. And dandruff’s natural existence cannot be completely eliminated; it’s the high and chronic levels of dandruff that need attention.


Dandruff is a controllable disorder and not a disease to have cure. Patient education is most important in treating this problem.


  • Itching of scalp
  • Flaking of scalp
  • Sudden outbreak of acne
  • Increased hair fall with every stroke


  • Poor hygiene
  • Leaving hair oiled for days
  • Working under arc lights
  • Frequent exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Using scarves or bandanas constantly
  • Exposure to hard water
  • Exposure to bad weather conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any query about hair transplantation, may this FAQ help you to solve your query.

Q. How does Hair grow?

Hair grows at the rate of 1 inches every 2 month. But it may vary from person to person.

Q. How much does a transplantation cost?

In India, Hair transplantation cost from 30-35 Thousand to 1.5 Lac for one session depending upon the technique used, the experience and perfection of the surgeon.

Q. Who needs a Hair Transplant?

Any male or female who has lost his or her hair, due to male or female pattern of baldness or any other irreversible baldness need a hair transplant.

Q. How soon will they see the result?

After the transplant, hairs start growing in 2-3 months at the rate of 25% every 3 months. One should expect full results in 9-12 Months.

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