Is Hair transplant Painful? All you need to know.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

HAIR transplants are not a painful procedure, luckily. There is little to no pain in the treatment compared to other medical procedures. A hair transplant is not unpleasant, thanks to local anesthetic and postoperative pain medications.

While no procedure is entirely pain-free, and some discomfort is likely to be brief, most hair loss sufferers find that hair transplant is a pleasant and comfortable experience. As the scalp is a delicate part of the head, the idea of surgery or operating on it might be scary. It’s not as scary as you think!

Hair transplantation is less painful currently than previously because of developments in technology, expertise, and medication. Although it may appear to be a simple procedure, patients should be aware of what it includes and the level of pain and discomfort they may suffer before, during, and after surgery.

Pain Before Hair Transplant

The numbing medicine is the only natural source of hair transplant pain for a patient. The donor area is numbed before the actual procedure. The patient feels nothing for the rest of the day once the scalp has been prepped and numb. The anesthetic medicine usually lasts 3 hours and needs to be reapplied several times throughout the day before it wears off and causes discomfort.

The numbing process of the scalp is completed into two parts:
numbing the donor area, which is where the grafts will be collected
and numbing in the area where the new grafts will be placed

Pain During Hair Transplant

Following your initial local anesthetic injections, you should not experience any hair transplant pain during the surgery. The hair transplant doctors will lightly touch your scalp once the operation begins.

After the numbing medicine is applied, patients will feel nothing during the extraction portion of the surgery. The doctor and technicians can work in the area without the patient feeling anything once the numbness occurs. The numbness in the recipient region will be the patient’s last sensation of the day. After that, the entire scalp is numb, from the very front to the donor at the far rear. The doctor can now operate without causing any discomfort.

Pain After Hair Transplantation

Following surgery, the majority of patients report little to no discomfort. After the surgery, the doctor will re-administer the numbing medicine. The numbness will last three hours before wearing off and causing discomfort; in the meantime, the patient will have time to get home and settle in. Start taking their postoperative pain medications as soon as possible.

The patient should progress smoothly and without pain if they take the oral medication as directed and build up some pain medication in their system before the numbness wears off.

Simple painkillers prescribed by your doctor will prevent any discomfort or hair transplant pain that may arise post-surgery. After two days, most people are pain-free and do not require more medication.

Patient Comfort and Ease

Your brain interprets pain and aches as more intense when you’re worried. As a result, one of the surgeon’s top goals is to keep each patient comfortable and calm. Our surgeons will also supply you with some pain-relieving medicines in addition to the local anesthesia. These can help you relax even more by reducing any discomfort or pain you experience throughout the treatment.

Luckily, the scale of hair transplant pain is minor to none for this treatment! Our surgeons at Dr. Bagadia’s Clinic will ensure follow-up treatment and proper care instructions for healthy healing and regrowth of your hair! Visit our clinic to get your youth back!

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