Is it safe to travel after hair transplant? What should you Do ?

Wondering if it’s safe to travel after a hair transplant?

  • Yes, it is safe to do so! The majority of people choose to travel after hair transplant surgery to give themselves time to heal and recover. It is a low-risk procedure after all and roaming around the city afterward is fine. After a hair transplant, you are allowed to go home soon after. Although hair transplant surgery rarely requires sedation, it is advisable not to drive while under the influence of a sedative.
  • You should proceed with caution even if you live close enough to the clinic to walk home after your surgery. Even light exercise might cause you to sweat, which can irritate your scalp and lead to infections, so it’s best to avoid doing anything for a week or so after your surgery. Saunas, steam rooms, and prolonged sun exposure should be avoided in the early days.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure to your scalp for the first two weeks if you are traveling after hair transplant surgery. If you must go outside during that time, make sure you don’t expose your scalp for brief periods, especially between 10 am to 2 pm. For the first three days, don’t wear any hats or ball caps. The scabs that form naturally after a hair transplant take three days to solidify. During this period, it’s best not to let anything near your head.
  • Patients commonly use vacation time to recover, and it’s safe to be traveling after a hair transplant as long as you don’t run any risk of sunburn at the beach or outside. Your newly implanted hair grafts are still delicate and require some care before they can fully take root. Make sure you follow all the necessary precautions provided by your doctor. Your doctor will make sure to give you all the information regarding post-procedure care.
  • Traveling after hair transplant surgery through a flight is not a problem. However, during the flight, you must avoid any contact with the treated area. The chances of someone reaching for their suitcase from the overhead compartment and hitting your head
    are more likely to happen than you think! Sleeping with a neck pillow will also be helpful.
  • You must strictly follow the directions provided by the doctor who did your hair transplantation. It will be advisable to schedule your travel after hair transplant surgery a day or two later. Your body needs a good night’s sleep to heal and rest properly. Travel safe and let it grow on you.

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