What is Growth factor Concentrate Therapy ? Procedure and Treatment

We live in a world abound by stress, and our unhealthy routine is nothing but an add-on to aggravate hair loss. As hair loss affects the majority of people across all age groups, a lot of them stay aloof from the procedures and the techniques that are available to tackle this grave problem. One such latest advancement in the field of hair regrowth is- Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy.

GFC, short for Growth Factor Concentrate, is a highly concentrated growth factor preparation engineered from a person’s blood. This novel technique is used for obtaining superior results in hair loss and facial rejuvenation treatment.

Founded by the scientists of Wockhardt, GFC with time is gaining immense popularity for its effective results from all around the world. And over the years, scientists have been able to extract these growth factors from a person’s own blood in high concentrations as GFC in specially designed kits. While we have been continually boasting about GFC, first let us understand in detail what exactly GFC is and how it works-

Every human body consists of platelets (the type of cells found in our body). These platelets store various growth factors and knowing the wonders they can perform, the GFC technique makes use of these activated growth factors to trigger the growth phase of hair. Once drawn, this GFC is then injected into the scalp & skin. When the person’s own growth factors are injected at high concentration right in the layers of skin, the results that bore are ‘stimulation of regeneration and repair.’


Works Best For Patients Who Has Alopecia:

‘Alopecia,’ popularly termed as hair loss, is the most common condition affecting both men and women. The reason behind hair loss attributes to a lot many factors- including hormonal imbalance, stress, nutritional deficiency, genetic conditions, etc.

Today, the standard treatment consists of oral, topical medications or surgeries. Since hair transplant surgeries are generally reserved for refractory patients, not all prefer to choose this option. Owing to the differing efficacy and safety profiles of the present treatment modalities, GFC brings in a lot of hope with effective results.

Because GFC therapy involves injecting one’s blood into the scalp, there is no risk to the patient who is undergoing the procedure.


The Procedure:

First, the blood is collected like a normal blood test. Later, it is processed to separate the platelet fraction and is activated to release the growth factors into the active solution.

This ‘Growth Factor Concentrate’ is applied to hair roots using microinjections in the affected areas.

So basically when the GFC is injected into the scalp, it delivers a person’s own growth factors (e.g. platelet-derived growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, insulin-like growth factor 1, Epidermal growth factor, etc.) at high concentration.

To prepare GFC for hair loss treatment, it nearly requires 16 ml of a person’s own blood. It takes about 40 minutes for the preparation to get around 7-8 ml of ready-to-inject GFC output.


Who Can Undergo This Treatment?

A person in his/her early or late stage of Alopecia can seek treatment. The Growth factor concentrate therapy is equally effective in both males and females. After undergoing three sessions of GFC therapy, the effects are seen in terms of-

  • Reduced hair fall
  • Improved hair thickness
  • Increase in hair volume

While GFC assures you to restore your hair in the most effective way possible, there still lies few advantages of undergoing the therapy. These include-

  • No surgery- Because it’s a completely non-surgical treatment
  • Safe procedure- Because it’s prepared from ones’s blood
  • Sterile- So there is no chance of infection

Are there any underlying side effects?

The GFC procedure is pure and does not contain any RBCs or WBCs (unwanted cells). Even the risk of pain and inflammation is minimal.


The bottom line

For treating alopecia, hair transplant is  the most sought-after technique. But with the invention of GFC and its proven efficacy, today, many people are looking forward to considering this option.

With negligible side effects, Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy is the best practice to stimulate hair growth. At Dr. Bagadia’s Hair Clinic & Transplant Centre, we perform the latest FUE technique for hair restoration and employ new techniques and procedures like ‘GFC’ for the restoration of hair.


Feel free to reach us for consultation and queries over hair transplant surgery and GFC technique.



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