Signs & Symptoms of Hair Thinning in Men and Women

Having hair loss or approaching baldness- is not less than a nightmare. Taking into account the kind of lifestyle we are living into, the problem of hair fall seems to be rampant.

As hair fall happen to both men and women; the signs and symptoms though, vary to a lot of extents.

1. The Receding Hairline: Men

Receding in general terms means moving back or further away from a previous position. Whereas in hair definition it means- ceasing to grow at the temples and above the forehead.

At an initial level, receding of hair can go unnoticed because it usually starts with a bit of thinning on and around temples. You get to notice receding hairline when the hair on forehead moves even more back from its previous position and forms a large shape of M-pattern.

2. The Crown Area: Men

With thick hair you barely see your scalp but having suffered from hair loss, you get to see gaps in between while parting and styling the hair. Now, this happens due to loss of hair in the crown area. The large bald patches at the crown area signify that you have had a lot of hair loss, which went unnoticed for all this time.

3. Hair can’t hold your style, the way it used to: Women & Men

Post hair loss, you might have noticed that your hair sits differently on your head. Also, the very hairstyle which you always used to make doesn’t appear the same or have problems settling it. Now, this clearly indicates loss of hair from the head.

4. You find hair lying everywhere: Women & Men

One of the horrible sights we would always avoid to see are the ones with having your hair lying around. Be it your comb, shower drain, dress, or pillowcase; having hair lying around is disappointing and something that might fright us. And if you are spotting these hair strands more than the usual, then you should consider this situation seriously, and think of consulting a hair expert.

5. FPHL: Women

FPHL is an acronym for female-pattern hair loss; where the hair starts thinning along the top of the head. This kind of hair loss is also called androgenetic alopecia or androgenic alopecia. You might see the hair partition getting wide than before.

6. Thin Ponytail: Women

The decline in the volume of hair clearly indicates hair loss, especially for women who go for hairstyles like ponytail and braid. A significant change of volume in your hairstyle gets into your notice and at times falls into the notice of your acquaintances as well.

To know more about hair thinning treatments, visit a hair care expert today and get yourself a free consultation!

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