How to Protect Your Hair During Summer

Summer is the best time for many; chilled lemonades, ice-creams, small excursions are at the top of the list. While we remain busy enjoying ‘summers’ one should not overlook to the effects that scornful sun does to your hair.

Here’s what happens to your hair during summertime.

  1. Your hair looks lifeless, and this happens when the sun dries out your hair straws, which results in a decrease of humidity, ultimately making your hair look dull.
  2. Something as natural as sweating and the presence of dust in the air can also take a toll on your hair. It not only causes dandruff and split ends, but in worst situations, it also causes hair loss and thinning of hair.
  3. The harsh exposure of the sun can damage your hair the same way it does to your skin. Your scalp faces dryness and sunburns which then damages your hair roots.

Now that you know what all sun can do to damage your hair let’s look at hair care tips that can reverse the damage and make your hair look full of life, yet again.

Avoid heating your hair:

Isn’t there too much of heat around, already; so why should there be a need of additional heat? Start with simple tricks, wash your hair as you normally do but let it dry off naturally (using a soft towel/cotton scarf is a good idea). Hair straighteners, styling irons, curling machine, etc are a big no-no.

Shampooing is good, but with a mild shampoo.

Summertime calls for frequent hair wash, you can even do it on a daily basis. Try to rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water after using a mild shampoo. But if your hair feels too greasy and sweaty, then rinse it with  warm water after shampooing.

Protection from sun rays:

Wrapping scarf around your head or simply wearing a hat can protect your hair and scalp from the harsh exposure of the sun. But if you’re at a job that requires you to step out in the sun for longer durations, then you should opt for hair products that contain a good amount of SPF. You can also go for special hair masks that add extra protection on your hair.

Trim them down:

A lot many people face split ends during summer time. And the best way to avoid them is by regularly trimming them. Get regular trims, at least in every 2-4 weeks.

Conditioners can do wonders:

Summer leaves your hair dry and brittle, and the best way to restore the lost moisture of your hair is by- providing conditioning to your hair. Know your hair type and choose the conditioner that suits best to your hair.

Cosmetics and chemicals:

Is sun not damaging your hair enough? Then why to go for harsh chemicals? Summer makes your hair dry; undergoing chemical procedures, treatments, and usage of heavy chemical based products doesn’t help your hair; rather it exploits them, further. Also, avoid colouring your hair during summers; but if you want to get it done, then colour it a few months before the sun reaches its peak.

To know more about hair care treatment options make sure first to visit a certified Trichologist. Get yourself a free consultation!

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